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  • sunil yadav

    how to instaled flash file in iball andi 3.5kke winner

  • sunil yadav

    show me incorrect scatter file format

    • Ankur Pratap

      Sir check version of ur device
      Plug out battery & check
      then download the firmware for exact match

      • Devendra Kulkarni

        Same problem here with andi 4.5 Ripple 2G rom.Both rom has same error of “incorrect scatter file”

        • Ankur Pratap

          Post snapshot of backside of device

  • ishaque


  • ishaque

    need htc flash file
    model opm1100 d626ph

  • Asha Ghiya

    need iball flash file.model name iball cuddle a4

  • Taj Soheil Siddique

    unable to find the scatter file

    • Taj Soheil Siddique

      please mail me at
      i had downloaded flash file for iball andi 3.5kke genius both the version and still when i am trying to add scatter file it says ” initializing fail/ incorrect file !!!
      please help me sir!!!

      • Ankur Pratap

        Share the image of backside or provide Hardware & software version of mobile

  • Mohammad Mahboob

    Dear sir u mention

    three boxs Miracle for chinese Z3x for smasung Atf for Nokia but this three box own flash file or i download from website please teach me i am new to flash mobile

  • Omkar Kirpan

    need iball Slide Brace X1 rom urgent

    • Ankur Pratap
      • Rajesh

        Hi is this a KitKat rom or a lollipop rom?

        • Ankur Pratap

          this one is for kitkat

          • Omkar Kirpan

            Thankx a lot…

          • Omkar Kirpan

            is brace x1 4g rom availabe?

          • Ankur Pratap

            not available

  • deepak baalyaan

    i am not able to flash my phone. i dont know why ? whenever i try to flash with stock file Iball andi4g arc2 v2.8 . every time says boot fail.

    • Ankur Pratap

      Try to reinstall driver manually

  • Sujoy Khan

    3g 7271 hd7 stock rom nedded

  • Mohsin Ansari

    Need flash file for iball andi 5.5H weber

  • hari

    can you provide “iball slide 3g q45 1+8 firmware”


    can you provide “iball slide 3g 7271 firmware”

  • rajesh rohidas

    i want iball slide 3g q45 firmware file please give

  • Pankaj

    sir how can i farmate and reset using my pc of my ibal mobile model -iBall_Andi_5K_Infinito2_V6.0_MT6592_V2.22_2015-06-04_18-22

    • Ankur Pratap

      Use this file
      and select only userdata to reset the handset

      • Pankaj

        dear can u tellme after downloading what will i do

        Actually my mobile enter viruses so जभ भी मै मोबाइल से reset करता hu भीर भी mobile not working properly some app automatically install

        • Ankur Pratap

          you have to full flash to remove virus

  • arun

    new version of i ball andi4u frisbee

  • mausam

    i have iball slide 3g hd70 7271 4.2.2 version.
    now i have upgrade to kitkat 4.4.2 what i do?

    • Ankur Pratap

      try using About Phone-> System update

  • mausam

    But in this device no system for update OTA iball.

  • abhishek samuel

    how to install iball 6351 Q40 firmware please help me

    • Ankur Pratap

      Use SP flash tool to flash

      • Unisol Universal Soldier

        Sir, kindly upload Iball Slide CoMate stock firmware

      • Bijoy Haldar

        where is the link of the rom
        i’ve got one firmware but the scatter is showing its MT8127
        but the slide is MT6533
        can you provide the correct rom?

        • Ankur Pratap

          share the model no

  • Devraj Patel

    sir,i need iball cuddle a4 flash file

  • Unisol Universal Soldier

    Please upload Iball Slide CoMate stock firmware

  • Nilanjanbarai

    how to flash i ball asaan 2 and plz upload flash file

  • ram

    need flash file for iball slide 3g 6095-Q700 plzz give me link….

  • Robin Ar

    i need iBall Slide 3G6095Q-700 KK V8.0,2015-2-3 STOCK ROM plz help me

  • vedant

    my iball 3g 1035Q has virus in it.. hard reset does not fix it…
    any stock or custom rom methods?

  • Mausam Patel

    Plz send me original stock ROM of I ball slide 3G 7271 hd70 plz………thanks

  • jayesh

    iball cobalt 4 scatter file error

  • uday k

    need iball i701 firmware file..

  • Sidharth Suman

    Need scatter file for slide snap 4g. please help me with the link.

  • Iyed Omar Ayachi

    i need stock rom for platino W290A please .

    • Ankur Pratap

      is it Andi 5u Platino???

  • Dhruv Sampat

    please help me to get my iBall SLIDE i7011 FLASHABLE ROM

  • Aryan Chavan

    I need iball slide 3g 6095 q700 usb driver

  • LLeo

    iBall 6531 Q40i tablet…non-removable battery…stuck at boot…tried clearing cache and factory reset but not worked..looks like OS problem..please help @Ankurpratap:disqus

    • Ankur Pratap

      flash the device and make sure you had install mtk driver, and untick preloader then flash
      If it has stuck at Iball Logo then it will succed
      but if its android then you have to change emmc chip

      • LLeo

        Is it necessary to untick preloader? what difference will it make? plz tell

    • Ankur Pratap

      you can flash with any of them

  • Imran Khan

    I need iBall slide Gorgeo 4GL Recovery file plz

  • Akansha Chaudhary

    please upload firmware of iball slide 3G 7334Q-10 as soon as possible

  • Priti jha

    i have iball smart phone.. i have one problem when i open any application my phone switched off … i don’t know what should i do.. plz help me anyone….

    • Ankur Pratap

      share snapshot of About phone

  • devanand kmani

    iball slide 3g 6309i firmware

  • Ray Jignesh

    i have iball andi mini uddaan which flash file download

  • pradeep kumar sasikumar

    sir please help me to find flash file for iball slide snap4 g2

  • mukesh

    sir my phone i ball andi 4p class x showing only white screen when i press unlock key
    then please gave me solution

    • Ankur Pratap

      Unplug battery & share S/w version of the device

  • ashok

    my mob was running hotstar,in between got hang up, hence i rebooted the mob. but from that the icon of battery charging is comming and going within in second. neither battery is charging or mobile get started.what to do sir

    • Ankur Pratap

      Try to charge the phone with usb and check if it get charged …and update for futhur results

  • Harshal Agravat

    iball andi 5c not found

  • Harshal Agravat

    plz upload the stockrom i need it

  • Rubel Hossain

    Rubel Hossain

  • Raäzìíb Båîn

    hello sir i want to my iball slide cuddle 4g stock rom ,,,,,,,…. plzzzzzzz anyone help me my Tablet is dead…

  • Rajib

    Plz sir can u upload iBall slide cuddle 4g stock ROM …plz my iBall model is dead …..plz help

  • Prashant Patil

    my mobile iball Trio 01 does not go beyond iball screen.what to do.plz help sir.

  • Prashant Patil

    please share mtk flash file for iball Trio 01 .

    • Ankur Pratap
      • Prashant Patil

        I have downloaded that file.which program to be use to open that file?Please share steps or procedure.Thankyou.

        • Ankur Pratap

          use sp flash tool & check youtube for the video manual

          • Prashant Patil

            sir iball Trio 01 is not an android device but a simple feature phone.Still same “sp flash tool”and procedure?

          • Ankur Pratap

            use gpg dragon tool to flash

          • Prashant Patil

            sir plz share link to download gpg dragon.thanks.

          • Ankur Pratap
  • Raäzìíb Båîn

    hello sir i want to my iball slide cuddle 4g stock rom ,,,,,,,…. plzzzzzzz anyone help me my Tablet is dead…

    • Ankur Pratap

      s it amking sound when connected to PC???

  • shitu saini

    andi 5g blink 4g flash file help

    • Ankur Pratap

      will be updated soon

  • ABHIJITH raju

    Sir i need iball slide 3g q45i firmware

  • Bidhan Das

    please upload iball andi wink 4g flash files(2gb ram+16gb rom)

  • Bidhan Das

    please upload iball andi wink 4g(A 0111) flash file

  • Bidhan Das

    sir I want iball andi wink 4g flash file

  • Bidhan Das

    please upload iball andi wink 4g flash files

  • sajad ahmad bhat

    I need iball slide brace x1 mini v3.02 please can admin upload it .it is available no where

  • Bidhan Das

    sir please upload iball andi wink 4G flash files

  • Vinit Wani

    i have i ball andi mobile. opeartor is airtel. network signal is good but whatsapp messages cant send or receive.but when i connect it with jio it does well. pl suggeast remedy.

    • Ankur Pratap

      soft reset the phone once in Setting -> Backup & reset

      • Vinit Wani

        do u mean to say format? i had asked about this to whattsapp team. they are saying the device may be rooted. how to deroot ?
        if device is rooted how jio card is supporting & why not airtel? pl help.

        • Ankur Pratap

          flash the phone with stock rom