• Rooban Joseph

    my infocus m2 3g display flickering what to do :(

    • Harpreet Singh

      nothing go to service center

    • http://www.mytabletguru.com/ Ankur Pratap

      Flash the device

  • abhi

    infocus m370i flash file

  • saikrishna

    i want infocus m370i flash file…where can get it ? please tell me

  • abhilash

    my infocus m370i not power on and connect as QHSUSB_BULK 9008 in pc
    help me

    • http://www.mytabletguru.com/ Ankur Pratap

      try to charge with usb and then switch on device

      • abhi

        after fully charge device not responding not charging led , no display
        only when i connect device to PC it connect as RELINK HS-USB_QDLoader 9008

        • http://www.mytabletguru.com/ Ankur Pratap

          Reinsert battery & hold power key

          • abhi


          • http://www.mytabletguru.com/ Ankur Pratap

            Check the Tablet Infocus M370i Firmware has been listed with Marshmallow update just use recovery to flash the device

  • bhupender sandhu

    i want infocus m425 flash file…




    M370 A02 Lollipop Update ===> FAO-2080-0-00WW-A02.nb0 THIS FILE IS ERROR PLEASE UPDATE


    hey admin please reupload infocus m350 flash file. it wil be helpful if you give me scatter file.

  • Deepak mahale

    anyone has custom recovery for m370i….

  • abhi

    nandroid bckup of infocus m370i

  • Bharat Swaroop

    the result Error for updating the ota for infocus m2 3g: Invalid OTA package, missing scatter Installation aborted
    plzzz hlp

  • Bryan Idos Nisperos

    admin please re-upload the file for M330. my phone was bricked. thank you…

    • http://www.mytabletguru.com/ Ankur Pratap

      try to reflash it using Sut L3 tool

      • Bryan Idos Nisperos

        sir i have downloaded a file at firmware file site. but when i use ito in sut l3, it won’t continue flashing after flash da image succes. error: 0xc3ba

      • Bryan Idos Nisperos

        do you have official stock rom not the update from infocus site? thank you…

  • nuthan s

    I rooted my Infocus m370i ,and instantly unrooted it, now if I go to download software update it says “the update is invalid”, what to do, pls help anyone!!!

    • http://www.mytabletguru.com/ Ankur Pratap

      try to flash with stock rom

  • sarthak mittal

    my m370i when i turn on my mobile it automatically goes to recovery mode

    • http://www.mytabletguru.com/ Ankur Pratap

      Change volume switch

      • Mohammad Mahboob

        lenovo bp1-750 tablet after factory reset stuck on gmail account coz i don.t know please help me what can i do

        • http://www.mytabletguru.com/ Ankur Pratap

          Use miracle box or OTG to unlock frp

  • Atman

    My Infocus m320e have bootlop. After turn on only logo show. I delete some file after infect by malware .can you help me?

    • http://www.mytabletguru.com/ Ankur Pratap

      Full flash the device

      • Atman

        How i can do full flash?can you give information.

        • http://www.mytabletguru.com/ Ankur Pratap

          Model no of the device

          • atman

            infocus m 320 e . but i can not do ” recovery mode” .
            so i can not do flashing by sd card.
            thank you so much

          • Atman

            Do you have file firmware for m320e ? But i want to instal with splashtool.thank you

  • Vee Kay

    Infocus m2 3g model link is not working as given above

    • http://www.mytabletguru.com/ Ankur Pratap

      Link has been updated

  • Arghaya Mondal

    infocus m2 3g download link giving error: “Sorry, you can’t view or download this file at this time.

    Too many users have viewed or downloaded this file recently. Please try accessing the file again later. If the file you are trying to access is particularly large or is shared with many people, it may take up to 24 hours to be able to view or download the file. If you still can’t access a file after 24 hours, contact your domain administrator.

  • Hemant Bhoria

    sir i have infocus m330 and when i switch on the device it only vibrates once and then nothing it stuck on the black screen nothing on it….plzzz help

    • http://www.mytabletguru.com/ Ankur Pratap

      Download the file & use SUT l3 tool to flash




  • Mark gil Santiago

    m330 firmware not found pls re upload thank you

  • prince

    Kya infocus m2 3g ko update by m260 firmware kr skte hai mob 8882033002

    • http://www.mytabletguru.com/ Ankur Pratap

      No if you update it will get stuck at infocus logo or dead

  • manu

    my Infocus m330 not restarting, fully blank, what to do

  • Nishith jain

    infocus m2 4g stucked on infocus logo Please help

  • Sushanta Kumar Naik

    sir my infocus m370i model mobile display not on but under power on what is your problem

  • Akash Shinde

    Infocus M430 firmware is not available…please provide it

  • Pawan Mehra

    please upload infocus M430 firmware

  • harsh

    Sir I want how to repair mobile software

    • http://www.mytabletguru.com/ Ankur Pratap

      Share the device details

      • frank dominic

        sir please i want infocus m560 scatter file

  • Rahul Kumar

    need m 430 flaSH FILE

  • gauravpal

    i need infocus m430 stock rom

  • bhargav

    sir plz provide flash file of infocus m425

  • Harsha Vardhan

    sir plz provide flash file of infocus m810

  • Harsha Vardhan

    sir plz provide firmware
    of infocus m810

    • http://www.mytabletguru.com/ Ankur Pratap

      check the table file has been listed

      • Harsha Vardhan

        sir my OS has been corrupted what i can do now????

        • http://www.mytabletguru.com/ Ankur Pratap

          flash it with stock rom

  • Raghu Raghav

    sir how instal firmwere in infocus m370i

  • Luky Nurdiansyah

    Sir my infocus m320e cant flash with recovery you have rom scater flashtoll or..? You have any solution

  • Rituraj

    Is any fota update available fot this device

    • http://www.mytabletguru.com/ Ankur Pratap

      no update rolled till now

  • rajiv nandal

    m 370 i 2gb ram flash file

  • rajiv nandal

    m370i 2gb ram 1gb ram file same hai kya

    • http://www.mytabletguru.com/ Ankur Pratap

      nahi same nahi hai

      • rajiv nandal

        m370i 2gb ram file link

      • rajiv nandal

        m370 i 2gb ram file link

  • Nilesh Paliwal

    i wanna infocus m 535 marshmellow

  • premalata

    i have Infocus M330 all unwanted app are getting dowloaded and frm balance money is deducting and wtsts the solution so i flash pls guide me

  • harish

    sir i want infocous bingo 21 (430) firmware please provide me . i have searched in lot sites but i haven’t find. after rooting my phone stuck in infocous bingo logo. not able to statrt, if i hold power+ volume down key it goes fastboot mode but can’t find any bootloader menu pls help me to solve this problem. thank you

    • http://www.mytabletguru.com/ Ankur Pratap

      try with infocus m425 flash file

  • alakadar

    pls help me sir. is there any flashhtool+firmware for infocus m320e? my m320e hardbrick, wont boot. blank. just vibrate once. driver detected in computer. thankyou sir.

  • alakadar

    sir please help me. my m320e wont boot. blank. i cant boot recovery. the phone just vibrate once. phone detected in computer. i need flashtool for m320e. thank you sir.

  • alakadar

    siir i need m320e flash file + flashtool. my phone wont boot in recovery mode. just blank & vibrate.

  • chanchal

    sir infocus f135 ki flash file hai to add kijiye

  • md aksar

    Sir Infocus m370i h jisme sim1 kaam nahi kar raha jabki sim2 kaam kar raha h please help me sir

  • md aksar

    Sir sim1 kaam nahi kar raha kon SA file download karu

    • http://www.mytabletguru.com/ Ankur Pratap

      may be you should check imei and if its ok then you should check sim slot jack

  • http://www.mytabletguru.com/ Ankur Pratap

    is it going to recovery mode or making sound when connected to PC???

    • Surya

      Not yet sir. it didn’t go to recovery mode. it makes sound when i connect to pc but suddenly disconnected.then automatically makes sound (connected) and (disconnected) sound continuously.
      it was mistakely plugged out while flashing :(

      • http://www.mytabletguru.com/ Ankur Pratap

        try to flash it using sut l3 tool

        • Surya

          Sir I can’t flash it through sut l3 tool. because it seems error while i choose emergency flash and also my phone didnot detected via usb :-(

  • Shubham Tanwar

    Sir infocus m430 mein 4G network proper kam nhi kr rha singal week rhta h

  • Narmi Khan

    Sir i want to flash my infocus m550 3d mobile by which tool i can flash it plz

    • http://repairmymobile.in/ Ankur Pratap

      it has to be flash via. recovery mode
      by placing the update file in root folder of SD card

      • naughty devil

        how to recovery mood

  • Praveen Sonker

    My infocus m810 stuck on the logo and not even shoing recovery mode on pressing volume up + power botton. How can i resove the problem. Please help me.

    • http://repairmymobile.in/ Ankur Pratap

      try to flash it using sut l3 tool

      • Praveen Sonker

        I have tried it but its showing connect your device and in emergency download its showing error…what should i do now

        • http://repairmymobile.in/ Ankur Pratap

          did u install driver???

          • Praveen Sonker

            From where i can get the drivers?

          • http://repairmymobile.in/ Ankur Pratap

            tool folder should contain driver

  • Manish Vats

    i want to upgrade my infocus m23g mobile . please suggest me how to upgrade my mobile.

  • Ritszz

    I want custom recovery for bingo 50 please help

  • mohammed bilal kolkar

    Need stock rom NAND type for Infocus m330.
    Please send the .bin files with scatter files NOT .nb0
    I already tried .nb0 not working.
    I got one final doubt does mtk phone show in fastboot mode and what driver to be active before flashing just to reconfirm
    Please help guys

  • Ông Lộc Jà

    m320e Spflashtool

  • Mahendra Bhandari

    Sir m370i not show scatter file

    • http://repairmymobile.in/ Ankur Pratap

      its an update file
      Use Sut L3 tool to flash
      and scatter file is available only for mtk chipset

  • Dev Sharma


    • http://repairmymobile.in/ Ankur Pratap

      Did default apps are gone in the process of reset???