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  • samson moses

    I have a dead Vodafone 785, so I really don’t know which flash file should I download from the selection list above. thanks in advanced

  • edga michael

    i have vodafone vfd 300 stuck on boot logo what can i do

    • Ankur Pratap

      Android logo or comapny logo???

      • Naisa Narova Vosanibola

        mine is stuck on the spining circle on start up ..i had just flashed the stock firmware it

        • Ankur Pratap

          model no of the device

          • Naisa Narova Vosanibola

            hi …the model number is V300-2BVDAU1..

          • Naisa Narova Vosanibola

            vfd 300

  • Azhar Uddin Khan

    i need vdf600 firmware

  • aderito

    hi ,i need vdf100 firmware,i downloaded one of them but it is not working
    please can you help me?