LYF Flame 8 LS 4505 Stock ROM Firmware (Flash File)

  • run faiz

    my phone lyf ls-4505 get soft brick after flashing stock provided by your link, help me please

  • run faiz

    i want stock rom file for lyf ls-4505 RSN: RCKMPJC90063721

  • Deepak Kumar Sahu

    ls 4505 flashing sucsec but disply graphix black ….problem help me …

    • Inder Jarora

      Same prob here… bhai solution mila kuch

  • Monin Shaikh

    I want stock ROM file for Lyf LS-4505

  • Rahi Zahid

    i flash ls 4505 but blue display what should i do now

  • Nilesh Mandge

    dot try no display
    my phone lyf ls-4505 get soft brick after flashing stock provided by your link, help me please

    • Ankur Pratap

      wait till monday, File work only on respected version.
      I will try to mange another file for your device

      • Akash Mahato

        Display Issue file work or not.???

    • Vivek Anand

      aap service center jao….. flashing kar ke mera v phone dead ho gaya tha …

    • Vikas Goyal

      have you got any solution ?
      please share

      • Ankur Pratap

        try with the Display issue file
        & if you are using a downgrade version to flash
        then the problem arises

        • Vikas Goyal

          Link with Display issue file link isn’t working and the other file constantly giving me error “SAHARA Protocol Error”.

          I tried with LYF FLAME 1 rom, but in that REAR camera ins’t working at all.

          • Ankur Pratap

            try link after some time

          • Vikas Goyal

            I tried the Display issue file but same issue, background is white with black strips.
            Could you provide another ROM ?

  • Nilesh Mandge

    press volume – + and power button to detect usb port

    • Ankur Pratap

      try the dispaly issue file, it has been listed

  • sabh

    phone getting stucking. Suddenly all networks gone and also all running apps stopped suddenly

  • Vivek Anand

    this rom lolipop 5.1.1… for lyf flame 8 LS-4505

  • Priyanshu Sinha

    6.0 rom for lyf flame 8

  • Gursewak Singh

    my ls 4505 blue display after flash i used ls4505 pc sw ver 207 in blue mobile plz any solution

    • Ankur Pratap

      use another file which is for IPS display

  • kiruba

    android 6.0.1 flashing 4505 lcd disply flashing done battery 0% not charging but good working android

  • Suman Chatterjee

    after flashing no batary information so always show 0% (level lyf4505)

  • mehul

    hello bro
    i flash with this firmware but display is blank
    i trying to download displai isue firmware but link not work

  • mehul

    after flash display blank
    display isue firmware link not working

    • Ankur Pratap

      check the link after some time

  • Nigil Bhasi

    after flashing battery always showing 0% and no battery information

  • ismail gaji

    i need firmware ls-4505-s16a_lyf_l11en_201_160228