• Deepak Sharma

    i did all the step but problem of stucking on moto lugo as it’s..actuly my phon is not to be switch off or on..it stuck on moto logo..so plz tell me what i can do with this..i tried all step…it is in lollypop virgen..

    • http://www.mytabletguru.com/ Ankur Pratap

      Download lollipop version flash file & follow the steps

      • Madhu

        Hi Sir my Moto E xt1022 tried to instal firm were with adb minimal mobile was not booting mobile not even powering on to recovery mode. When I plug USB, just a white LED is blinking at top. But not working. Please help me

        • https://repairmymobile.in/ Ankur Pratap

          Did u tried to downgrade the phone???

          • Madhu

            may be installed with 4.2.2 version with commandslike

            fastboot flash boot boot.img
            fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
            fastboot flash system system.img_sparsechunk.0
            fastboot flash system system.img_sparsechunk.1
            fastboot flash system system.img_sparsechunk.2
            fastboot flash modem NON-HLOS.bin
            fastboot erase modemst1
            fastboot erase modemst2
            mfastboot flash fsg fsg.mbn
            fastboot erase cache
            fastboot erase userdata
            fastboot reboot

            after giving all these commands mobile was gone for reboot but not booted
            while connecting usb or charger a white light was blinking..
            sir please healp me to get back my mobile to working


    i have also facing same problem before 1year back i installed lol5.0.1 in my moto e now after 1yr suddunly phone turned off automatically and stuck on moto logo when i m trying for hard reset but i cant bcz m not alble to go in recovery menu just showing me fastboot and nothing and when m trying to flashing my phone i got errors e.g (remote failed ) in evry commond can u please help me bro ??

  • vishal

    dont follow this

    it will install 4.4.2 but if you ever try the ota update after it your phone will be bricked permanently with no solution at all now

    • Vardhan reddy

      Is there any solution now?

  • jo

    dont go for this….you permanently make my phone damage…
    help me my phone not switching on after this flash.

  • Mohan

    How to flash the dead Moto XT1022? Couldn’t get solution anywhere?

  • δεζℏ δεερακ ζιπςℏ

    sir my moto e 1st gen xt1022 [UNROOTED] runs on latest stock 5.1 23.201.3.condor_retaildsds.retaildsdsall.en.03.
    It is facing some software issues like not turning on the wifi, not detecting the sim cards etc… Can I get any soluton for the same?

  • Dinesh Solanki

    why am I getting Invalid PIV Signed System Image

  • Amol

    Thanks !



    • https://repairmymobile.in/ Ankur Pratap

      did you unlock bootloader???

  • Hemant Kumar

    Is there any way to unbrick hard bricked Moto E XT1022??

    • https://repairmymobile.in/ Ankur Pratap

      DId you tried flashing???

  • Chayan Kumar

    Thanks to repairmymobile member….Everything did as per guidance … but after update did not come fastboot screen ….Please help ankur ji for resolve this problem…only blink whit led moto e 1st generation xt1022

    • https://repairmymobile.in/ Ankur Pratap

      what was the android version running earlier on your phone


    driver is not installed correcly. please help me